Bil Sullivan Photo/Video | VIDEO: 200th Live Donor Kidney Transplant

Created 26-Dec-16
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The first icon is the edited 2:38 video of MS&TH's 200th Live Kidney Donor in mov format. The second icon is the same video with titles (names). To play, click on the icon. To download either:

1) Click on Icon

2) 'Download'

3) 'Click on "Full HD (1080p), 29.3 MB"

4) 'Save File'

To view the full MS&TH's 200th Live Kidney Donor video (27:09):

To view Dr. Bingaman's video (20:24):

(NOTE: These YouTube videos are unlisted; not available to the public, they can only be viewed by those with whom shared. Also, the You Tube videos may appear slightly darker than they actually are.)

Thank you,

Bil Sullivan


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